Pilots Bundle


This bundle covers all the essentials necessary to Control, Automate, and Monitor your hangar.

The HangarBot Camera Hub with built-in camera for 24/7 video live streaming or automatic snapshot when the motion detection sensor is triggered offers protection for your hangar

  • The HangarBot Outlet allows for any -110V appliance or device to be controlled remotely (preheat engine, A/C unit, etc)

  • The HangarBot Thermostat provides comfort and monitors indoor conditions of your hangar

  • The Door Controller integrates with your powered hangar doors and gives you full control from your Apple® device

  • The HangarBot Door Sensor sends alerts directly to you and triggers the motion sensor/camera so you can see who entered your hangar

  • Includes:
    • 1 HangarBot Camera Hub
    • 1 HangarBot Thermostat
    • 1 HangarBot Outlet
    • 1 HangarBot Door Controller
    • 1 HangarBot Door Sensor
    • HangarBot Camera Hub
    • HangarBot Thermostat
    • HangarBot Outlet
    • HangarBot Door Controller
    • HangarBot Door Sensor
    • Compatible powered hangar doors
    • Apple® smart device
    • HangarBot app (Latest Version)
    • Cellular data plan