Stop the spread of Coronavirus by using HangarBot touchless system 

Over the past several months, the entire world learnt the importance of keeping surfaces clean to stem the spread of coronavirus in an effort to save lives. Our team of pilots and engineers turned to the latest technology and built a suite of smart products that offer security, automation and touchLESS operation for your hangar to minimize potential exposure to contaminated surfaces. Welcome the Hangarbot!

About HangarBot 

HangarBot is your trusted co-pilot that helps you manage and secure your hangar from the convenience of your smartphone. Centralize hangar tasks and automate your aircraft's pre-flight and post-flight procedure without having physical contact with other personnel or even equipment. 

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Connect our smart Door Controllers, Sensors, or Thermostat for remote operations giving your staff endless possibilities to start their work from home

Leverage our smart outlets to bring remote automation and operation across devices such as a fans, lights, batteries, heaters, or any other appliance that use electric power source to turn on and off from anywhere in the world. 

Have Peace of Mind

Receive real-time notifications on your smartphone when someone enters the hangar. Using our system to conduct 24/7 surveillance and go back in time to see who interacted with your equipment and aircraft. Hold your airport or FBO accountable to ensure all are adhering to the safety protocols and best practices for protecting against Coronavirus.

How it works

Stay Connected through the HangarBot app.
Now available in the Apple and Google Play stores. Turn your smartphone or tablet into the remote control.

Pre-Existing Wifi Customers:
HangarBot connects through ethernet allowing for all devices to connect and communicate with each other

Need a Wifi Signal?
Hangarbot 4G hubs provide a wireless hotspot allowing all your devices to connect and communicate with each other.
Want to use your HangarBot hotspot on all personal devices? Available for upgrade higher data packages are available and viewable here

Made by pilots for pilots.

Our products proudly are designed and manufactured in America. 

Receive one on one support from our U.S based team of engineers and technicians

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