Smart Flight Training Assistant - Exclusively for Sporty'



Keep an eye on what matters. HangarBot's Smart Flight Training Assistant package gives both instructors and students remote control and access through every step of the learning process.  Introducing an enhanced method for Instructors to help their students excel as new pilots.

At the Hangar:

   -- Aircraft logs allow pilots to capture squawk notes and fuel logs and even set up alerts and reminders 

   --  Customizable checklists to allow for mandatory pre-flight and post-flight checklists

From  the comfort of your home/office:

    --  With HangarBot's camera's instructors no longer need to be physically present during pre-flight!  This enhanced teaching tool allows for live streaming giving instructors the feeling of "being there" remotely during the walk around with the added advantage of downloading footage for later review. 

    --  Simultaneously watch your surveillance camera's for a bird's eye view of who's in your hangar. 

   --  With the purchase of HangarBot's Door Controller  instructors can remotely open the hangar door for maintenance or students from anywhere in the world 

  -- Flying in cold weather? purchase HangarBot's Smart Industrial Outlet  to start remotely preheating your engines before you or your student arrives 

Product Description

This bundle covers the necessities of hangar security.  For flight schools, this added security gives instructors the peace-of-mind that students are handling their aircraft with proper care. 

What's included:

  • HangarBot 4G camera hub 

   -- The HangarBot Camera Hub comes with a built-in camera for 24/7 video streaming or automatic snapshot when the motion detection is triggered.

   -- Bring wifi to your hangar with upgradable data plans

   -- Explore the possibilities of your new Hangar Automation System 

  • HangarBot - Wifi Camera 

Utilize this second camera for more angles or to cover additional viewpoints in your hangar. With a built-in camera for 24/7 video complete with live streaming, automatic snapshots, and motion detection.