How Dumb Is Your Hangar?

May 13, 2019

How Dumb Is Your Hangar?

Whether your hangar is small or large it shares the same history of all hangars throughout the country. Hangar derives from the Middle French word hanghart, meaning enclosure near a house. Whether you picture the history of hangars as the Wright brothers wood hangar back in 1902 or Hangar No. 1 the first built hangar constructed in 1921, a hangar seeks to provide the same basic needs. At a basic level, the hangar itself aims to protect the investment that is currently being stored inside of it. However, in the new era, the hangar can be so much more than just a building, it can be a venue for enjoying the things and people that you love.

It has become common for people to turn their hangar into their second home and customize it to fit their lifestyle.

Through the years products have emerged to create a smart home atmosphere. As the creation of smart home products gained interest in the early 2000’s, smart home products became more common and affordable. Smart homes today can serve many purposes but are mostly used for security and efficiency. As a society, we have begun to crave the peace of mind and ease of use that smart home systems offer. No longer is something a smart or dumb device, its a normal part of life, or its a difficult part of life.

People choose to turn their house into a smart home for many different reasons whether it be to save energy and money or provide your home with a top of the line security system. A smart home can offer so many other features such as regulating everyday tasks and providing entertainment. You may have products in your home already that you didn't even know are considered smart home products, like a rumba or alexa.

With all of these great benefits that a smart system offers why not use them in your hangar as well? For most people a hangar is like their second home so why not upgrade it like you do with your home.  Protect and enjoy the things that you love. HangarBot allows the same control, automation and security of a smart home at an affordable price. What is so special about HangarBot is that it was made by pilots specifically for pilots and their hangars. You will find things like squawk logs, hangar door openers and other aviation specific uses. While you may be able to piece together several wifi home automation solutions in the hangar, there is no unified solution that works over cellular.

Many people think that you need to have wifi in your hangar in order to integrate any “smart hangar” features. With HangarBot, this is not true. Since HangarBot is a cellular based device it can bring high speed data into your hangar. Unlike cellphones, HangarBot has an external high gain antenna, allowing you to get the best possible connection, even if that means putting the magnetically mounted antenna on the roof.

Since HangarBot is an out-of-the-box solution, all products work right out-of-the-box without any complicated pairing processes or set up. Depending on your use case, HangarBot helps pilots with several high level categories:

  • Proper Aircraft Cold Weather Maintenance
  • Hangar Security
  • Aircraft Management
  • Access Control
  • Pilot and passenger comfort
  • Hangar entertainment

Imagine arriving to your hangar with the engine already preheated, the door opening and the peace of mind that no one has entered your hangar since the last time you were there. Perhaps you have the FBO pull your plane out, know if they nicked the propeller when setting up the tow bar or if they left your plane on the ramp baking in the sun for hours unnecessarily. You love your aircraft, why not be smart about protecting it and enjoying the airport experience with a smart hangar solution.

For more information about how you can be smart check out the Hangarbot products at dumb is your hangar

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