LynkAviation Mobile App

Easily manage your Smart Hangar™ through your smartphone with the LynkAviation Mobile App. 


 HangarBot Mobile App In Cockpit

Control from your couch or your cockpit.


With the LynkAviation Mobile App, you're in complete control of managing your hangar. Use cellular connectivity to remotely access your SmartHangar system from anywhere in the world and:

  • Preheat your plane’s engine
  • Adjust the hangar thermostat
  • Open and close your hangar door
  • See what's going on inside the hangar
  • Program the app to automatically open your hangar door from the distances that you specify
  • Program hangar lights and even your coffee maker to turn on and off at specified dates and times
  • And more!


The LynkAviation Mobile App also lets you easily customize notifications for all your LynkAviation products. Get notified using text, push, or email notifications - or a combination of your choice. 

Download it today through the Apple App Store or Google Play!

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