Customer Testimonials

We at Lynk Remote Technologies are proud of our innovative LynkAviation products and the positive difference they've made in the lives of our customers. We're grateful that some of them have taken the time to share their positive experiences and feedback with us. We've included some of those below.

If you've purchased LynkAviation or HangarBot products and haven't yet provided us with your feedback, we'd love to hear from you!



I wanted to give you some feedback on my Hangarbot installation (completed today) - setup was super easy (everything worked the way it was supposed to) - installation at the hangar was super easy (everything worked the way it was supposed to + sim card connected in about 2 mins).  
I will give it a real world test next time I go flying.  If it works as advertised (and as I expect) I will let the on-field AME know about the product and let him take a look at it.  Assuming I am the first at CNY3 to use this, there may well be others who will be interested. 
The last product like this I tried, I could never get to work  . . . installation of this was the opposite.  
           - Jamie Gilmore in Stayner, ON, Canada



Great product
Works just as advertised and tech help was amazing. Going to buy for a second hangar.
Love the camera. It gives me peace of mind.
           - John B.
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