Six Common Aircraft Hangar Security Mistakes

Six Common Aircraft Hangar Security Mistakes

January 11, 2022

If you have an aircraft, you are well aware of the importance of keeping it safe at all times. Not only must you safeguard your aircraft, but also your equipment and fuel, which may be a significant draw for thieves.

Securing your aircraft isn't as simple as it sounds, and to prevent any similar scenario from occurring, you'll need to be aware of some common security mistakes aircraft hangar owners make:

Leaving Aircraft Hangars Unlocked or Open

For aircraft hangars, security is critical. The aircraft and other equipment within the facility must be secure, but the fuel storage tanks and supply lines must remain safe.

It's typical for aircraft owners to keep the hangar door open while waiting for fuel trucks to arrive at their airports when ordering aviation fuel delivery services. There may be times when you need to leave hangar doors open while filling, but there's no reason why aircraft doors should remain open after the plane has been filled as long as you're cautious.

While many hangar owners take precautions to guarantee that their hangars are secure before departing, there is always the risk that an unlocked door may lead to catastrophe, especially when they return to the hangar and discover that all of their aircraft and equipment have been stolen.

If you're not sure if your hangar is adequately secured, ask an aircraft mechanic to perform a security check. Don't depend on other aircraft owners for this kind of help; there's always a risk that someone who doesn't own aircraft or fuel storage tanks will walk into your unlocked hangar and take what they want without asking.

Not Having Adequate Lighting

Aircraft hangars without enough light are a hazard to both you and the people around you. Without appropriate lighting, someone might be harmed or lost in an aircraft hangar, leading to injury if they are unfamiliar with the area. It also poses a problem for airplane security because it allows criminals seeking aircraft parts and planes to hide.

Aircraft hangars need to be safe as well as functional. Important lighting in the aircraft hangar prevents mishaps such as falling, tripping, or colliding with objects that may result in injury for both you and others around you. It also aids safety by allowing you to see where you're going. It also assists aircraft security by keeping aircraft components and aircraft parts away from prying eyes.

Leaving Keys Unattended

In the aviation sector, leaving keys in the cockpit is a big problem since it might lead to various risks, including robbery and even hijacking. For example, a young man took a 1971 Cessna for a joyride after discovering keys left in the ignition.

Aircraft hangar owners are not the only ones who make this aircraft security blunder. It's also commonplace among aircraft mechanics. Not realizing that their plane has been left unlocked might be costly since break-ins would give thieves unrestricted access to the property, allowing them to take anything they want or need without posing any obstacles.

It's easiest to avoid all of these problems if you exercise caution. Keep a constant eye on your aircraft keys and never store your keys in the ignition. You may assist in preventing aircraft theft and other high-risk activities linked with unsecured flight access in this way.

Unauthorized Individuals Gaining Access

Unauthorized individuals gaining access to your aircraft hangar is a possibility you should take seriously.

You can have complete control over who enters the hangar with an adequate access control system in place. With this technology, you may limit access to your hanger. In other words, it gives you total control over physical entry to the hangar, preventing fraudulent individuals from getting in.

Failing to Conduct Regular Hangar Inspections

Failing to conduct routine maintenance and inspections in your aircraft hangar may be a costly mistake.

Aircraft hangars that are not maintained regularly can suffer from dirt and debris accumulation in specific areas, such as aircraft engines, airplane components, and aircraft brakes. It's critical to note any unusual activity in the aircraft hangar, such as broken locks or chains, airplanes replaced without permission and meddling with flight instruments.

Damage caused by maintenance carelessness will have to be repaired, which costs aircraft hangar owners a considerable sum of money.

You should conduct maintenance and inspections on your aircraft hangar daily. Your aircraft hangar is your property, so you must treat it accordingly by protecting what's inside with the best aircraft security.

Don't take shortcuts! Making aircraft hangar security compromises can only lead to negative consequences.

Not Having An Aircraft Hangar Security System Installed

Many aircraft owners take hangar security lightly, and that's a mistake. It may appear excessive at first sight, but it isn't when you consider everything that could happen if someone attempts to break into your aircraft hangar without permission.

Do you know how many robberies and break-ins occur each year due to this quite typical aircraft hangar security mistake? The number is staggering, implying that millions of dollars are lost every year by those who don't take aircraft hangar security seriously. It's something you should think about if you don't have aircraft hangar security now!

Invest in a security system that includes a ­built-in ­camera for 24/7 live-­streaming video and an ­option to take snapshots of specific moments in time, as well as be alerted of unauthorized entry.

In Conclusion

It's easy for aircraft hangars to be breached when aircraft owners fail to take proper aircraft hangar security measures. You must do your part in aviation hangar safety by avoiding aircraft storage mistakes such as leaving aircraft keys unattended and failing to install aircraft hangar lighting so thieves can't use dark shadows for cover while breaking into your aircraft.

Aircraft hangar security is a must if you want your aircraft hanger to be untouched. Aircraft security cameras are always a good idea. These give real-time streaming video and the ability to take photos of planes at specific times when aircraft theft or aircraft vandalism may occur.

To summarize, the essential thing to remember is that keeping your hangar and aircraft safe begins with you. This list will assist you in what to keep in mind when protecting your hangar. Always be vigilant and use sound judgment.

Happy Flying!

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