Engine Preheating System

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The Engine Preheating System allows you to remotely preheat your aircraft's engine from your Apple® device, saving you the wait time in the hangar.


The HangarBot Hub provides 4G cellular connectivity and communicates with any HangarBot product.

The HangarBot Outlet converts standard outlets into smart outlets. Using your Apple® device, turn on/off with a click of a button, create schedules, or trigger based on events.

HangarBot allows you to set automation rules that adapt to your own aviation lifestyle and usage. 


  • 1 HangarBot Hub 
  • 1 HangarBot Outlet



  • HangarBot Hub
  • HangarBot Outlet
  • Apple® smart device
  • HangarBot app (Latest Version)
  • Cellular Data Plan


Connect additional HangarBot products to control, automate, and monitor your hangar.