Introducing the Basic Battery Lynk Solution

Use Battery Lynk to:

  • View current battery voltage 
  • Identify the optimal time to charge 
  • Prolong the battery life of your devices
  • & more!

    “As battery-powered ground support equipment continues to grow in line with general aviation’s rapid expansion, operators are continually in search of ways to remain efficient.”

    “Battery Lynk is the latest addition to the expanding HangarBot ecosystem, providing wireless battery monitoring capabilities and connectivity for virtually all ground support equipment. From the golf cart shuttle to your aircraft, to the tug that moves it into position, and everything in between, Battery Lynk is designed to minimize time on the ground and maximize the lifespan of your equipment.”

    Morgan Walker, Founder, and CEO of Lynk Remote Technologies

    How are we different?
    Designed by a pilot for pilots. With HangarBot’s ecosystem of products, you can now manage and monitor your flying experience in ways not previously possible with 1 simple app.


    Email us at or call +1(727)-900-6911.

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