All the ways hangarbot can help you before you take off

All the ways hangarbot can help you before you take off

June 03, 2019

3 Major ways the ways hangarbot can help you before you take off

HangarBot is a powerful tool for all pilots that minimizes the manual workload before arrival to the airport. Here are the top 3 ways hangarbot can help you before you take off.


HangarBot provides you with the ability to remotely turn on and off your engine preheating system from anywhere through our mobile app. You no longer have to spend time driving down to the airport to plug in your plane 3-6 hours before flight. If you have preplanned your flight, you can simultaneously schedule the app to automatically turn on and off your heater based on your predetermined flight time. When you arrive at your hangar, your engine and liquids should be nice and toasty. ThisHangarBot feature will allow you to spend those 3-6 hours currently spent waiting on your engine heater on something you enjoy.

FBO’s are designed to help pilots save time before take off, but what if the FBO is not doing what they told you they would? Have you ever wondered when the FBO pulled out your plane from that hangar? Why would you care you ask? If you informed the FBO that you will be departing at 3PM, they should pull it out right around then. How do you really know when they did? Was the plane refueled? With the HangarBot motion detection and camera you are able to get immediate notifications when the FBO has entered your hangar and see exactly what they are doing. You will be able to keep your FBO accountable for the tasks and timeframes they tell you.


The Hangarbot Hub will also allow you to check the temperature within the hangar before you arrive, this way you know exactly what the aircraft is feeling so you can prep it accordingly.  

HangarBot will also allow you to make sure your hangar/ aircraft are at the perfect temperature. Cabin preheaters can be useful to warm up your avionics and provide passenger comfort through warmth in the cabin. There are several cabin preheaters that recently came to market. Aircraft Spruce carries various models that may be perfect for your aircraft. The HangarBot system allows the ability to control these devices through our Wifi Outlet. You may not know but, cabin preheaters can consume more electricity than most engine preheating systems. For this reason, you would not want to leave it plugged into a regular outlet at all times. With the HangarBot outlet you are able to turn the outlet on and off through the mobile app. Say goodbye to high energy bills and hello to an automated system.

If you are lucky enough to have a heated hangar, the HangarBot thermostat will integrate with your preexisting system. The HangarBot system will allow you to set the thermostat to turn on before you even arrive. This ability to heat up your hangar on demand vs setting your thermostat at a low temperature all winter, can save you money on your gas bill. Don’t let a freezing or hot hangar ruin the fun.

Piece of mind:

A pilots responsibility is to ensure that the aircraft is ready before flight. Not knowing if there was an unexpected visitor or an abnormality in the hangar can lead to an oversight in the preflight. Hangarbot can keep an eye on your aircraft with its built in night vision camera, live streaming video, advanced motion detection algorithm and optional wireless rechargeable connected door sensor and external cameras. You can be notified right away right on your iPhone when someone has entered the hangar or when ant motion was detected. From there, you can pull up a picture of live stream video.

If you are out flying, and cellphone is on airplane mode, you can review the security logs when you get connection again.

Knowing what is going on in your hangar, can help you add attention to things that should be looked at closer.  If you are in a community hangar, chances are that your plane gets moved more than using the plane it self. You might not even be there when they pull it out. The towbar could be hitting that new 5 blade prop you just purchased when they are towing. Knowing exactly when your aircraft is moved is key in keeping the peace of mind that nothing has happened to your pride and joy, your aircraft.

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