HangarBot Highlights Women in Aviation

July 02, 2021

As a part of our new Women in Aviation series, The HangarBot Team will be uploading informational interviews every week throughout July right here on our blog.

We hope to provide a platform for women to share their aviation stories and shed light on ways aviation continues to become more and more inclusive. 

Through this series our readers will also learn about a diverse set of opportunities in aviation, connect with industry professionals, and discover resources available to support them. 

Watch our full-length interview with our first guest, Denise Bryan, C.M, a Fairfield County Airport Director, on Monday, July 5th.

Learn about her passion for aviation, barriers she has overcome within the industry, and her advice for women looking to find their aviation niche. 

“Aviation is kind of like the medical field; there are so many avenues and venues that you can go and specialize in or broadly not specialize in, but you have to find that particular niche for you.” 

- Denise Bryan, C.M. 

In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Instagram @hangarbot for Women in Aviation updates and learn more about us on HangarBot.com.

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