The Top Six Aviation Apps You Need to Download

The Top Six Aviation Apps You Need to Download

November 11, 2020

In this day and age, hundreds of aviation apps are available for smartphones and tablets, from in-flight tools to flight training, weather briefings, and even games. Whether you want to transition to a paperless cockpit or plan your flights with better accuracy, here are six aviation apps to add to your digital toolbox.


The HangarBot App
This is the #1 app you NEED to download right now! Creating a smart hangar is easier than ever. You can easily set up geo-fencing triggers within the app to have your hangar door open from 500 feet away or close from 800 feet. With a timed trigger, you can set your hangar lights to turn on or off at specified dates and times, adjust your thermostat, and even start your coffee maker!

Both SMS and Push Notifications from the app ensure that you're always connected to your hangar and provide you with the most up-to-date information like motion detection notices, live video streams from security cameras, and more.  

Download for free here.


E6B Aviation Calculator
The E6B Aviation Calculator makes it easy for student pilots and seasoned pilots alike to solve the most common planning and navigating problems related to flying.

Imagine having one app that supports more than 75 aviation-related calculations. No more having to download multiple calculator apps. The E6B Aviation Calculator has everything you need for wind, altitude, time, speed, distance, and advanced fuel calculations.

Add in access to a robust group of weather reports including METARs, TAFs, AIRMET, SIGMET, PIREPs, cloud base and more, and the value is clear.

E6B Aviation Calculator is available for 8.99 in the App Store.



A complete electronic flight bag (EFB) app, FlyQ EFB features intuitive, integrated features displayed in an easy viewing format. In addition to all the standard functions you would expect from an EFB (like sectionals, IFR charts, flight tracking, radar, satellite and more), there are also some exciting extras. Try out the exclusive augmented reality feature for enhanced situational awareness. A new visual logbook plus the post-flight playback and analysis, graphs, and flight replay over the Floq Network make FlyQ EFB stand out from other EFB options.

FlyQ is available for download on iPad and iPhone.

Download FlyQ EFB from the App Store.


Radar imagery provides critical information during poor weather days. This free app is simple and easy to use.

Like all weather, radar imagery can be found in many different apps, but you often have to dig around to find the most applicable image. MyRadar provides a clear and current radar image of the area immediately around your current location. Of course, you can pan around on the touchscreen to take a closer look at other areas, but it makes sense for the image to default to your location.

Having been downloaded over 30 million times, MyRadar is one of the most popular weather apps on the market. Download for free here.


CloudAhoy is a great app for flight instruction and post-flight debriefing. When the app is open, it will track all the details of your flight (location, altitude, and speed) before creating an easy-to-read flight log. Pilots can then review their flights in real-time using Google Earth or an aviation chart. Understanding what went wrong during your flight can help you improve your performance in future flights.

Download CloudAhoy for iOS here (free with in-app purchases).


Takeoff is another iOS-only app that aims to ensure that pilots have access to the latest in aviation technologies and practices. The app delivers fresh content to iPhone and iPad users every day. Users can even customize the app to get content that they’re most interested in.

The app has a plethora of features, such as engaging video tips, educational articles, podcasts, aviation news, and a lot more. It is definitely a must-have for pilots of all skill levels because it offers content that is customizable to the level of the pilot.

Download Takeoff for iOS here (free, with in-app purchases).


Final Thoughts

These apps are not the only ones for pilots, and it was difficult for us to just pick six. Tons of other essential apps are available, all designed to help you improve your overall flying experience.

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